Major Evaluations Conducted

  1. Under United Nations Development Programme for Project IND/004/90 Evaluation of Training Institutions in Germany, the UK and the USA, May 1990, on suitability of the courses in these Institutions for Training of Faculty for capacity building of Officers of top Civil Services in India
  2. Evaluation of the State of Decentralised Planning in India, for the Ninth Five Year Plan for India, submitted to the Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Rural Areas and Employment, New-Delhi, May 1996
  3. Participatory Poverty Assessment and Development Interventions in Selected Counties of the People's Republic of China, May 1998
  4. Participatory Impact Assessment of Community Aid and Sponsorship Program, Maharastra funded by NORAD, Oslo for and on behalf of Diakonhjemmet International Center, Diakonveien, Oslo, Norway, February 2001
  5. Participatory Evaluation of Family Planning Association of India’s Women Empowerment and Reproductive Health Initiative, in Kota, Rajasthan, for Population Concern London, May 2001
  6. Evaluation of Gorakhpur Environmental Action Groups Development Programme in Gorakhpur India, for NOVIB, The Netherlands
  7. Participatory Concurrent Effect Assessment of CARE India’s Rehabilitation Programme in Four Coastal Districts of Orissa, May 2002 to January 2003
  8. Evaluation of USAID funded Project Measuring Transformation Through Houses in Sri Lanka and Nepal, of Habitat International, Americus, USA, January 2003
  9. Review of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper for Armenia of the Government of Armenia, through participatory methods, Yerevan, Armenia, 2006